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A Democratic Party strategist said he is “stepping back” from his campaign duties this week after a video shot by conservative gotcha journalist James O’Keefe went viral.

Robert Creamer, husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and founder of Democratic strategy group Democracy Partners, is going to take a break from campaigning for Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the wake of the video’s release. In the video, Creamer and another Democratic Party staffer appear to brag about paying mentally ill people to incite violence at rallies for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Creamer also goes on to discuss ways those people could be paid.

Despite Creamer’s claims, there has yet to be definitive proof that a mechanism was in place for the Democratic Party to disturb Trump rallies with paid protesters.

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In a statement to the press, Creamer said he refused to stick around and become a distraction to voters as the presidential election draws closer.

“As a result, I have indicated to the Democratic National Committee that I am stepping back from my responsibilities working with the campaign,” Creamer wrote.

Creamer denied that any scenarios discussed in the video took place.

According to Creamer, Scott Foval, another staffer boasting in the film, is no longer working for the Democratic Party.

“We regret the unprofessional and careless hypothetical conversations that were captured on hidden cameras of a regional contractor for our firm, and he is no longer working with us,” Creamer’s statement said.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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