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Ohio State University has released a photo of the police officer involved in Monday morning’s attack.

Ohio State University Officer Alan Horujko, 28, reportedly shot the 18-year-old suspect, an Ohio State University student and Somali refugee named Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

According to WCPO, Horujko was a Ohio State University alumnus who has been with the department since January 2015. Horujko was tending to a reported gas leak on campus when he witnessed Artan plow his car through classmates, exit his car and begin stabbing people.

Horujko shot and killed Artan within a minute after began his rampage on campus, according to USA Today.

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“It was fortunate that [the gas leak] did happen as it helped the officer be in the right place at the right time,” OSU Police Chief Craig Stone said in a news conference, according to WCPO. “He was able to see this whole thing happen and take immediate action.”

Michael Drake, the University president, spoke with Horujko after the attack. “I thanked him for following his training and neutralizing the circumstances within roughly one minute,” Drake said in the news conference.

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Eleven people were injured in the attack, CNN reported.

Donald Trump later posted on Facebook about the incident, sending his “thoughts and prayers” to everyone involved and commending first reponders.

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