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The second presidential debate was shrouded in controversy after a controversial hot mic recording of a vulgar 2005 conversation involving current Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was released on Friday, leading to a rare apology from the candidate.

The day after, another series of audio clips, focusing on various interviews between Trump and radio shock jock Howard Stern, was also released. The candidate spoke vividly on his sexual activities, including infidelity, as well as his fascination with his daughter Ivanka.

When the debate finally rolled around on Sunday, Trump’s controversy was on everyone’s mind.

And this moment did not help his case:

Trump, who has stated how he never fails to kiss his daughter Ivanka, leaned in to kiss his younger daughter, Tiffany. She quickly dodged his lips, choosing instead to rub him reassuringly on the arm.

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The moment was not lost on viewers:

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And of course, some were reminded of another father-daughter duo from the campaign trail:

Her reflexes might just put her in the same league as former President George W. Bush:

Getting to know Tiffany Trump

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