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Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was in Washington, D.C., for an official visit in to attend a state dinner — the final state dinner of President Obama’s tenure.

Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech during a luncheon in Renzi’s honor on Tuesday. Standing between Renzi and Vice President Joe Biden, Kerry began to talk about the important ways that American and Italian culture overlapped (author emphasis added):

Look at the dollar bill, and you will encounter a quotation from Virgil. Look at a map, you will recall that this city is named for a son of Genoa. And this continent, as [Renzi] mentioned at the arrival ceremony, for a native of Florence. You visit almost any college campus on a Friday night and you’ll see a toga party.

Laughter followed his “toga parties” statement. Kerry joked in turn about the statement being different, calling it “an element of fun.”

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But the internet wasn’t letting his dad joke go so easily:

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Some even referenced Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s taco bowl incident on Cinco de Mayo:

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