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Philadelphia police are on the hunt for two men who took their anti-Trump sentiments to the walls of the city. According to the police department:

Two unknown males vandalized the property of the Fresh Market located at 8200 Germantown Avenue. The offenders were captured on surveillance video as they approached the business on Germantown Avenue. Suspect #1 is depicted spray painting the building, and when [the painting is] completed, suspect #2 appears to take pictures or video of anti-Trump sentiment left behind.

The odd thing about these two offenders is not that they chose a political muse, but that they did so in such a bourgeois manner. One of the men is wearing an ascot, freshly pressed khakis and a blazer. He’s also carrying a wine glass.

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Also odd is the fact that the men chose a Fresh Market (sort of a Whole Foods) to paint. In the video that was released by the Philadelphia Police Department, the well-dressed suspect does not seem to join in the vandalism but rather acts as a look-out and camera man.

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