People continue to learn the hard way that making racist statements on social media can and will have serious consequences — like losing your job.

Rochester, N.Y., substitute elementary school assistant Cassandra Sutton found that out after she went on a Facebook rant and used the word “n—-r” several times.

The school district fired the Children’s School of Rochester contract paraprofessional once it became aware of her profanity-laced post, which started to spread on social media. Someone who saw the rant took a screenshot of it and asked others to share it, saying the teacher worked with “children of all different ethnicities.”

Using the name Cassandra Elizabeth on Facebook, she wrote: “Caught a n—-r!! Ahem, I mean decent African american [sic] male, armed and hiding behind the shed in my neighbors backyard.”

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She wrote that the man was being pursued by police and was running yard to yard. She then added: “Hmm I wonder why I don’t ever see white males committing crimes on my street!” She ended the post using several hashtags, including one that read, “black people are fine,” but “n—–s aren’t BIG Difference” and “StopRaisingHoodRats.”

Sutton worked as a substitute teacher in the district for two years.

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“At this point, I don’t think she can work for us anymore,” Brian Harding, the president of her employer, TES Staffing, told the The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. “Her comments certainly do not reflect our values.”

Not surprisingly, efforts by the newspaper to reach Sutton, 33, were unsuccessful.

She posted an N-word-filled rant on Facebook, and now this substitute teacher is out of a job
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