Rush Limbaugh is known for weighing in on politics in a pretty outrageous fashion. His tirades are legendary, and when he does appear in the news, it’s usually because he said something a bit too extreme. For example, after Obama was elected, Limbaugh declared, “I hope he fails,” and that seemed like a step too far. Since Trump has been elected, there have been a number of left-leaning pundits who are upset, but most of them are still hoping that the president-elect will be successful.

We should have figured that Limbaugh wouldn’t be to happy with the cast of “Hamilton” after they asked that Pence work “on behalf of all of us,” and though the Donald was furious, Pence did say that he wasn’t offended. On his show, which is broadcast nationally, Limbaugh said, “Democrat actors have been attacking Republican elected officials in theaters since 1865. The first known instance […] John Wilkes Booth assassinating Abraham Lincoln. […] So these guys at ‘Hamilton’ are following in what I’m sure they consider to be a rich tradition.”

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In a later episode Limbaugh called the “Hamilton” cast “clowns” and said that he doesn’t think the cast “has the first clue who
Alexander Hamilton is.” Limbaugh then espoused his knowledge of the founding father and declared that “[Hamilton] didn’t want anybody getting into his country that he didn’t approve of.”

Rush Limbaugh just weighed in on the “Hamilton” incident with the most outrageous comparison (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)
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