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Taylor Seyler was beyond disgusted when she discovered maggots slithering around in a bottle of baby formula.

The Independence, Missouri mother was feeding her two-month-old son Keighan a bottle full of Similac baby formula when she made the shocking discovery.

“Two ounces down I noticed the worms and I was like oh. That’s great,” she told KSHB. “Took it from his mouth, went and put a napkin over the faucet and we poured it down the drain and we saw the maggots on it.”

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Seyler posted a few pictures of her discovery on Facebook, where they racked up more than 43,000 shares.

“I was aware. Didn’t really think anything of it, but it happened to me and now I don’t want it to happen to anyone else,” she said. I don’t want anyone else’s baby to consume worms. That’s really gross.”

Abbott, the company that makes the baby formula, released a statement regarding the incident.

We take all concerns about product quality and safety seriously. Parents can be confident that our Similac infant formulas are safe. A third-party entomologist has reviewed the photos and concluded that based on the life cycle, and the age and size of the Indian meal moth larva in the photos, they entered the product after it left our facilities and the safety seal was removed. Our products pass rigorous safety and quality checks, including numerous steps to check for foreign objects and ensure proper packaging.

Indian meal moths are very common and can often be found in kitchen pantries inside flour and cereal. To prevent contamination, caregivers should inspect products before use and practice safe handling with powdered formula, including washing hands, closing containers tightly after each use and storing products in a dry, cool, clean place.

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