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Jennifer Boyle made her first appearance on mainstream cable networks last week when a video of her exploding at Michael’s employees went viral. She could be heard crying that she had been discriminated against because she voted for Trump and called the Michael’s employees “animals.”

Boyle’s episode stemmed from an instance when a Michael’s employee charged her for a re-usable bag and she thought she should get the bag for free. RawStory reported that Boyle has since deleted her social media accounts but that her LinkedIn page stated she graduated from DePaul University and worked at Sinai Health System. Her former employer was quick to distance themselves from Boyle and wrote on Facebook, “we condemn and reject any behavior or statements that insult or demean anyone based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or nationality.”

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It seems that this is not the first time the newest internet celebrity has been irate on camera. She was seen at a Peet’s Coffee a few months ago screaming “you’re a bitch” at the baristas. Since the incident in the Michael’s store, the woman who captured the video has started a gofundme page for the manager who stayed calm in the face of Boyle’s tirade. The page hopes to show that “we stand with her and appreciate her hard work,” and has raised over $22,000 of a $400 goal.

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