During Donald Trump’s campaign he proposed a ban on “Muslims entering the United States” and suggested that Muslims already living in America be put on some sort of registry. It became a little bit of a smoke and mirrors idea, and the president-elect was hesitant to explain exactly how the registry would work. Since elected, Trump’s website removed his announcement calling for a Muslim ban and then reinstated it.


But one internet-savvy prankster thinks there’s a more dangerous group of people living in the United States — white males. is not a dating site; it’s a national registry for white men who, according to the site, commit 57 percent of reported rapes and 64 percent of mass shootings. The founder of, Candace Thompson, has also begun to register “white men of Washington.” Trump, Bannon and Priebus are on the list, and she Tweeted this morning to Eric Trump letting him know that his name had been added.

The registry asks for participants’ names and addresses and asks a series of questions. These include “consciously or unconsciously benefited from my white male status (you should definitely check this box),” and if you check the box for the top 1 percent, the registry states “you’ll definitely be hearing from us.” Upon registering Trump, Thompson sent a letter to the president-elect that finished, “I sincerely hope that we have the chance to meet in person one day so that I can grab you by your most esteemed man-pussy.”

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Somebody made a “white male registry,” and yup, Eric Trump is on it AP Photo/ File from 1940
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