Back in August, Target announced that it would be installing gender-neutral bathrooms in all 1,800 of its stores. “At the end of the day, Target is all about inclusion,” spokeswoman Katie Boylan said at the time. “We want everyone to feel comfortable in our stores.”

The announcement immediately drew the ire of several conservative groups that called for the store’s boycott, citing their fear that the new policy would create a potentially predatory threat to shoppers. Conservative watchdog group 2ndVote is one of the more recent groups to speak out against Target’s policy by promoting the #AnywhereButTarget campaign.

“When Target decides to let men and women into each other’s restrooms, they put their customers at risk,” 2ndVote’s Lance Wray says in a short video. “They also show they don’t care about what we think, about our safety or about our values. Well, we don’t want to pay for Target’s liberal agenda.”

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Naturally, the boycott has been met with mixed messages on social media.

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Target’s gender-neutral bathroom policy spawns #AnywhereButTarget boycott AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, File

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