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Heated does not begin to describe an exchange between Kellyanne Conway, campaign manager for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle.

The women were arguing back and forth about about Trump, allegations of sexual assault from various women and a controversial hot mic recording from 2005 containing extremely vulgar comments.

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The long Wednesday morning interview took even more of a turn when Ruhle asked Conway to consider her children.

Ruhle, saying “You’re a mother, you’re a woman,” asked Conway if she was more offended by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton using the phrase “average America,” a term reportedly found in a recent WikiLeaks email dump, or by “grabbing a woman’s genitals.” Conway said that she had already expressed both privately and publicly that she found Trump’s hot mic recording to be disgusting.

Ruhle continued, saying, “You’ve got to look at your kids when you go home at night.”

Conway said, “Stephanie, that’s not fair.”

The women then traded some blows regarding parenting and the presidential debates.

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While Ruhle explained the problem that she had with her children hearing Trump insult women, Conway took the opportunity to criticize Clinton on how millions more Americans in poverty “than when [Clinton] and Obama got started.”

The women also argued over topics spanning from equal pay to Trump’s respect for women.

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