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A North Carolina Republican office was horrifically firebombed and graffitied over the weekend.

While the culprits have yet to be identified and caught, the reactions to the attack were split down party lines. Democrats, including presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, disavowed the attack:

Some Democrats even set up a GoFundMe page to help the North Carolina Republicans rebuild their office.

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Certain Republicans, including presidential nominee Donald Trump, chose to blame the attack on Democrats and Clinton voters:

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, a Trump supporter, doubled-down on the sentiment during a Monday appearance on Fox News’ “FOX & Friends.”

According to Clarke, if an NAACP office were the target of such an attack, the blame would be placed on Trump.

If a voter registration drive set up by the NAACP, an office building was set up, and it was firebombed, you know darn well that the rhetoric would come out that it was Donald Trump involvement, that he’s responsible, Republicans are responsible, with no foundation.

Even though Clarke gave the example to criticize the potential reaction had the roles been reversed, he said it was “legitimate” for the blame to be placed on Clinton voters, even without evidence.

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One man observed that those who are willing to put partisanship aside just want to experience civility in this event:

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