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It was an interesting Thursday night at MSNBC when a glitch — no doubt evidence of a Russian hack for the conspiratorial — affected “Hardball with Chris Matthews.”

MSNBC was airing a pre-taped segment with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius when the video became stuck on the word “Russia.”

Ignatius was speaking of Russian interference and the response to it:

“When you hear General Mattis today, Mike Pompeo, the CIA Director, [all] almost swearing that they’re gonna be hardliners on Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia Russia…”

The video was quickly cut and the screen was black for several moments. Matthews then appeared to continue the segment.

An official MSNBC spokesperson later told Rare that “There was a technical glitch that was solved in a matter of seconds.”

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This is just one more Russia-related gaffe in a growing list of odd occurrences.

As pointed out, the lights in the room went out during the confirmation hearing for Rep. Mike Pompeo, President-elect Donald Trump’s CIA Director appointee. What’s even weirder is the fact that Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) was speaking about Russian hacking at the time.

And that’s not all. C-SPAN’s feed was briefly interrupted by the Russian government-run Russia Today (RT) television on the same day.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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