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CNN host Anderson Cooper is apologizing for the “crude” remark he made about President Donald Trump to a guest on his show.

On Friday, during a segment on “AC360,” Cooper spoke with guest Jeffrey Lord, who is a staunch Trump supporter. During the back and forth, Cooper said, “If [Trump] took a dump on his desk, you would defend it. I don’t know what he would do that you would not defend.”

“You’re a loyal guy, I think that speaks well of you,” he added.

Not long after the show aired, Cooper took to social media to apologize for his remarks, writing in a tweet, “I regret the crude sentence i spoke earlier tonight and followed it up by apologizing on air. It was unprofessional. I am genuinely sorry.”

After Cooper apologized, many people on social media, including notable anti-Trump activist Rosie O’Donnell, pushed back against his apology.

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O’Donnell replied to Cooper’s tweet by writing, “anderson its ur show – u tell them who u want to book say no when he is offered – tell them NO MORE OF THIS IDIOT – u book it – u da boss.”

Others also told him there was no need to apologize for the truth and compared his comment to comments that Trump has made in the past.

However, certain Trump supporters were still outraged by his remarks, including actor James Woods, who said that Cooper’s comments set a “new low” for CNN.

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