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Comedian Dennis Miller joined Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday night to talk about the latest slew of visitors at Trump Tower — from Silicon Valley executives to Kanye West to Al Gore — all of whom O’Reilly says were “big money” Hillary Clinton supporters.

“Do you imagine how delicious this is for Trump to sit in a room full of visionaries who didn’t see it coming?” Miller asked host Bill O’Reilly, referring to Trump’s unexpected election win.

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Miller then took time to joke about the various visitors, coming up with hilarious reasons why celebrities and hotshots have been paying the president-elect a visit.

“[Mayor] de Blasio came over — you know why de Blasio came, Bill? He was delivering a pizza,” he explained before saying that Trump used Gore’s visit as a sleep aid, because he’s so boring. “DiCaprio came over, but that was just to hit on Melania. And then Romney came over, trying to patch it up, the two of them. I think it’s like hockey teams at the end of a seven-game series, where they shake hands.”

Miller even suggested that a representative for The New York Times dropped by, not for an on-the-record interview, but because “Trump has a foreign friend who’s an acrobat, and he wants to climb the front of The New York Times building.”

“It’s been a parade over there,” he said. “I love it.”

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