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Former New Mexcio Gov. and Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson sat down with CNN’s Dana Bash during a Facebook Live on Tuesday.

When asked what he thought about recent revelations regarding what appears to be a request for a favor between the State Department and an FBI agent during presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, Johnson said that he thought that there was a larger concern.

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While there is currently no evidence that Clinton knew about the exchange, WikiLeaks has released a series of emails from John Podesta, Clinton campaign chair, former chief of staff for Bill Clinton and counselor to Barack Obama. While some revelations included alien-related correspondence as well as list of potential running mates, one striking development in the email release was Clinton’s seemingly cozy relationship with Wall Street. Johnson took issue with Clinton “saying one thing to Wall Street and saying another thing to main street.” Johnson said that one of the most unforgivable qualities was hypocrisy.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump faced a week full of allegations of sexual assault from various women. When asked if he believed the women who stepped forward, Johnson said that he did. Johnson also said that the vulgar comment that Trump made in a controversial hot mic recording from 2005 were inappropriate. Even campaign surrogate Rudy Giuliani said that Trump was describing sexual assault in the recording.

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Johnson later said that the culmination of the sexual assault accusations as well as his rhetoric would hurt him in the general election.

Johnson and Bash also spoke about national security, the effects of the War on Drugs, his Aleppo gaffe and why Thomas Jefferson was his favorite president.

To the allegations that voting for a third party candidate would be wasteful, Johnson said, “Throwing your vote away is voting for somebody that you don’t believe in. That’s a wasted vote.”

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