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Vice president-elect Mike Pence met with House Republicans on Wednesday morning, where the repeal and replacement of Obamacare were discussed.

Following the meeting, Pence spoke to reporters to update Americans not only on the plans Republicans had for healthcare, but also for a general direction forward.

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“We are 16 days away from the end of business as usual in Washington, D.C.” Pence assured voters that President-elect Donald Trump’s administration was dedicated to keeping Trump’s campaign promises:

We’re going to be in the promise-keeping business. The president-elect campaigned all across this country. He gave voice to the frustrations and aspirations of the American people. He laid out an agenda to make America great again, and my message on his behalf today before this Congress and this Senate is that we intend to keep those promises.

Pence said that the first order of business would be the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. He also previewed a Trump administration that would help job growth, end illegal immigration and rebuild the military to “hunt down and destroy ISIS.”

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You can watch the full press conference below:

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