“We have a response from Kellyanne Conway, who says about a reporting this morning, ‘It is sexist.'”

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” read the response early Monday. Conway’s statement comes after a brief Twitter feud between the two, as well as a related report.

On Sunday, Conway, senior adviser to and former campaign manager for President-elect Donald Trump, appeared on various talk shows to publicly express issue with former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s meeting with Trump. Conway said she was representing the interests of many Trump constituents, something she also tweeted about days prior.

However, some were appalled at the seemingly forward nature of her interviews.

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Scarborough tweeted his disbelief on Sunday following her interviews:

Conway responded to Scarborough, prompting a brief online conversation:

Others also weighed in on Conway’s actions, including CNN commentators David Axelrod and Ana Navarro:

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On Monday morning, the “Morning Joe” crew reported that two sources, both of them top Trump aides, claimed Trump was “furious” over Conway’s comments. The crew members said that they themselves were “baffled” and accused Conway of “pushing her own agenda.”

Conway responded to the early morning report, calling it “false” and “sexist.”

Scarborough spent a good deal of his follow-up wondering how a report based on sources closest to Trump equated to sexism.

The initial report is below:

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