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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was recently forced to apologize after a vulgar conversation from 2005 resurfaced. Several Republican politicians have either retracted their endorsements, called for Trump to drop out, or have refused to defend his comments (including his own vice presidential pick).

But that did not deter Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro from standing up for her candidate on Saturday night.

Pirro dedicated her opening monologue to Trump. She called his comments “shameful and cringe-worthy.” She also said that it was the kind of statement that infuriated her “personally.” But that did not Pirro from pointing the finger towards Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“But guess what,” she asked. “I still, without a doubt, support Donald Trump.”

In the midst of her opening, her teleprompter began to fail.

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In fact, the words on her screen disappeared altogether.

Pirro’s eyes began to look around as she continued with her monologue. She continued to try to convince audiences why they too should support Trump. She was attempting to take control of the situation as she flipped through various pages in front of her.

She abandoned the opening and jumped to her first guest.

Some have called the incident symbolic.

The Hill has compiled a thorough list of the Republicans who have pulled their support or have asked Trump to step aside.

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