Fox News host Megyn Kelly spoke about her book “Settle for More” with the ladies of ABC’s “The View.” She opened up about the sexual harassment she endured under former Fox News host Roger Ailes. When asked about her addition of the assault, she said:

Well I wanted to include the chapter on Ailes because- I had no need to come out and express this publicly to anybody. I was outed as one of his accusers against my will, but it was out there and people knew. But no one talks openly about sexual harassment. I know a lot of women, and I know a lot of powerful women, and I know very few women to whom this hasn’t happened.

“Women have chosen for so many years to just deal, because that’s what we believed we had to do to survive in a man’s world, to get ahead, to not be labelled as a whiner, a complainer, or someone who couldn’t hang with the guys,” Kelly continued.

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Fox News had a tough summer after former host Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes. Shortly afterward, former host Andrea Tantaros also came forward to sue Fox News over claims of retaliation for reporting harassment. Tantaros provided a list of alleged derogatory comments regarding coworkers and contributors’ races, genders, looks, or sexuality.

Kelly explained on “The View” that she did not know what to do after her incident with Ailes, which she also described on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” She told a supervisor, but she said “I knew the reality of the situation.” Her complaint was essentially ignored, and Kelly feared for her career.

When Carlson and Tantaros stepped forward, Kelly realized that she was not alone, as she had been led to believe. “By that point, I did have some power, and I used it.”

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You can watch more of Kelly’s appearance here:

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