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Navy and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Montel Williams has weighed into the controversy over presidential candidate Donald Trump mocking Senator John McCain’s military service.

Posting on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Williams made sure the public knew where he stood.

“One doesn’t have to agree with his politics. His service is due a special level of respect that is absolute,” he wrote on Twitter, and sided with many conservatives who have come out against Trump’s comments.

He was even harsher on Facebook.

Enough! Whether you like John McCain’s politics or not, for Donald Trump to mock him for getting captured and held POW (where he was brutally tortured) is INEXCUSABLE. John McCain earned the title of American hero. Doesn’t mean he’s always right on policy, but it means his service is owed a special level of respect PERIOD.

“John McCain is my naval academy brother. He was captured and tortured for having the courage to serve. I don’t always agree with him, BUT I WILL NEVER DISRESPECT HIS SERVICE EVER,” he wrote in the comments.

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