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More accounts of Rachel Maddow plagiarizing have surfaced following Rare’s Thursday evening report that the MSNBC host has been accused of plagiarism.

The report makes Maddow look hypocritical given the headlines she made earlier this week accusing Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) of lifting a movie plot summary off of Wikipedia.

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In a video on YouTube, Occupy Wall Street protestor Peter Brauer points out that Rachel Maddow had previously used his footage on her show without attribution, and without asking.

“This is my footage and my interview. Any person watching at home would have thought MSNBC paid a news crew to come and shoot this in the storm. They did not,” Brauer explains.

“I earn my living making video. And I felt robbed from making my livelihood,” Brauer said.

Under the fair use doctrine, however, using clips of Brauer’s footage is not illegal, as he goes on to explain.


The blog “Aksarbent” found that Maddow’s show used some of their footage, but rather than show the water mark, they zoom it in so that it is no longer on the screen.

“[A] screen cap from twelve seconds of clips from an AKSARBENT YouTube video used by The Rachel Maddow Show (at the 1:13 mark here), all of which were enlarged to hide the AKSARBENT bug at the lower right of the frame (at the 1:11 mark here.),” the blog notes.

The egregious move by Maddow to eliminate the watermark is foiled by CNN’s use of their video.

“Compare and contrast: When CNN used AKSARBENT video, it didn’t attempt to obscure our bug; in fact it added another credit showing where it got the clip,” the blog writes.

As Rare earlier uncovered, Maddow has been accused of plagiarism in two other instances.

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