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Many have recently found an interest in First Lady Melania Trump’s body language towards the president.

In fact, the ladies of ABC’s “The View” couldn’t help but enjoy some laughs over some videos of their interactions.

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“The last incident of ‘Get your hands off of me’ happened just yesterday,” Whoopi Goldberg said excitedly.

Goldberg asked Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who was on as a guest, if the ladies were reading into the first couple’s body language.

Kasich recalled the moment his wife asked if she’d really have to be First Lady of Ohio after he was elected.

Jedediah Bila jokingly said that she felt bad because Trump didn’t seem as though she wanted to be First Lady.

“Maybe hand-holding is not in the prenup,” Joy Behar also joked.

Sarah Haines said that she believed the way politicians interacted with their spouses spoke volumes about their character.

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Just before the conversation, the ladies played a compilation of the first couple’s interactions with each other:

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