Fox News’ Neil Cavuto called President-elect Donald Trump “thin-skinned” during his program on Wednesday and a guest implied that Trump caters to left-leaning press.

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Cavuto was joined by guest Howard Kurtz who explained that Trump goes out of his way to get on the good side of specific members of the press.

Earlier in the week, Trump met with members of the press to try and smooth over working relationships that had been wounded during the 2016 presidential campaign.

According Kurtz, meetings like these show who Trump wants in his corner.

“If you’re a very liberal journalist at MSNBC or a very conservative journalist at Fox who was never Trump, he does make an extra effort to win you over,” Kurtz said.

“I think he’s a little thin-skinned, and I know he still boycotts this show, which is free right,” Cavuto countered.

“Can he get over that?” Cavuto wondered.

(h/t Mediaite)

One of Fox News’ biggest personalities calls Trump “thin skinned” after his latest round of dealings with the media (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)
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