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During CNN’s Thursday Town Hall with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, host Jake Tapper called on an audience member who was concerned about President-elect Donald Trump’s Twitter habits. She wondered how Ryan felt Trump’s “tweeting habits will affect both foreign and domestic policy in the United States.”

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Speaker Ryan began to respond by saying, “I’m going to go out on a limb here and I’m going to say this is going to be a very unconventional president,” to which the audience laughed.

“I think he’s going to keep doing this, and I think he’s going to be probably a little more restrained in his tweets, probably, but it’s all relative,” Ryan continued. “But I do believe it’s been extremely effective for getting elected president, I’ve got to tell you. I mean, he was able to touch and tap into people’s hearts and minds.”

He then talked about how he, having run for vice president before, knows how hard it is to connect with people and said he is “amazed” at how well Trump was able to do that.

“I think he did that because of this,” Ryan said, referring to Trump’s social media presence. “I think he has a very special, personal relationship with individuals, so he connects directly with them in this country. And that’s what I think is very interesting about this age we are in, where you don’t, as a public official, have to go through the media to communicate to people. You can just do it directly, and he has mastered that.”

Because of his ability to connect with citizens on Twitter, Ryan doesn’t think Trump will stop tweeting.

“I think he’s going to continue to work on mastering that,” he said. “How it affects domestic policy and foreign policy, I don’t know. We’re going to find out because we’re in uncharted territory. But he has mastered not just public opinion, but communicating directly with people and getting around the filters. And that is something that I think he feels very strongly about, the fact that he’s given voice to a lot of people who’ve felt they’ve not been heard.”

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