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CNN hosted a town hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday evening. Many topics were presented before Ryan, including Russia and its interference in our election.

When asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ryan responded very differently than many others close to President-elect Donald Trump’s administration.

“Russia is a global menace led by a man who is menacing,” he argued.

Ryan had nothing positive to say about Putin, also calling him “undemocratic.”

Though the speaker did not believe that Russia’s meddling had any significant impact on the election, he still took issue with its involvement.

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Ryan proposed a tougher approach to Russia.

“I think we have to step up our game on Russia,” Ryan declared. He referenced the intelligence community’s findings that Russia had in fact interfered in the American election.

He mentioned his support for sanctions against Russia, even going so far as to say that President Obama waited too long to sanction the country.

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