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Fox News anchor Sean Hannity dedicated a portion of his show solely to criticizing MSNBC anchor Joe Scarborough.

Uncreatively borrowing from President Trump’s insult style, Hannity managed to spend nearly five minutes criticizing “Liberal Joe.”

Ironically enough, Hannity began the segment by calling Scarborough’s coverage “vicious, nasty, one-sided, petulant” and “arrogant.”

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Hannity and Scarborough are no strangers to childishness. The pair regularly exchange blows on the air, in interviews and on social media.

Hannity has even attacked Scarborough’s hair.

“Did anyone else notice, by the way, the hair last night?” he once asked. “Wow. I guess Mika’s telling him it looks really cool,” the anchor added, speaking of Scarborough’s co-host and fiancée Mika Brzezinski.

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