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(WARNING: Video in story below is not edited for profanity, viewer discretion advised.)

Russia has become a popular topic of discussion in the 2016 election, with Democratic presidential nomineeĀ Hillary Clinton’s campaign and otherĀ DemocratsĀ accusingĀ the country of obtaining sensitive information via hacking, whileĀ Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign attempts to cut off all ties with the world power.

Though theĀ controversy of Trump’s use of the word “pussy” is over the context in which he said it, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour asked Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov what he thought about Trump’s language.Ā Amanpour mentioned the Russian punk rock feminist protest band Pussy Riot. (ThreeĀ members of the band were jailedĀ after a making a music video criticizing Russian president Vladimir Putin.)

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The exchange went as follows (author emphasis added):

Amanpour: Can I just try one last question? One last question. A bit cheeky, but I’m going to ask you. Russia had its own Pussy Riot moment. What do you think of Donald Trumpā€™s pussy riot moment?

Lavrov: Well, I don’t know what this would — English is not my mother tongue, I don’t know if I would sound decent. There are so many pussies around the presidential campaign on both sides that I prefer not to comment on this.

Amanpour laughed, saying that she was not expecting his answer.

With the historically high rate at which both main party presidential nominees are disliked by American voters, Lavrov might hearĀ some cheersĀ after his interview.

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