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On Wednesday, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” shared their theory about why some voters are supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Goldberg scolded Republicans who criticized Trump for his vulgar comments because they did not criticize former President George W. Bush for using taxpayer funds to go into Iraq.

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Fellow co-host Jedediah Bila said that voters who supported the Republican presidential nominee did so because they thought that he would be better for the economy than Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Bila said their fears of a failing economy were a stronger deciding factor than the controversy following the comments heard on a hot mic recording.

Behar and Goldberg disagreed.

Behar said “It’s not really about immigrants are taking their jobs and the unemployment rate and all this other stuff.” The co-host called support for Trump “nihilism,” saying his supporters were just mad and wanted to destroy things.

Goldberg jumped in, saying that she felt the decision to support Trump was “blowback from four years of a black president.” She later corrected herself to say eight years.

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Not only was Obama’s race a factor, but Goldberg added that she believed Clinton’s gender intimidated a lot of male voters. “I think men still have a hard time with everything that’s going on in the world taking this from women,” she said, adding that she was not accusing all men of believing this.

Behar chimed in once more, saying, “I think you’re making the point that ‘We said okay to a black president and now we have to say okay to a woman?’ It’s like too much. It’s too much.”

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