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An MSNBC contributor stood up for Hollywood following actress Meryl Streep’s criticism of President-elect Donald Trump while accepting a Golden Globe award.

Streep criticized Trump’s conduct, including his mocking of a disabled reporter. Trump fired back, saying that the actress was overrated.

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On Monday, Touré said that Hollywood actors and actresses were a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds. He noted how actress Viola Davis, who had presented the award, was a public school girl in New Jersey. “These are not people who were, to the manor-born like Donald Trump,” he criticized.

When asked if it was fair or not whether to say that Hollywood was “out of touch,” Touré asked “Sure […] but are they not America too?”

“So to diss them as, ‘Well, you’re just Hollywood,’ no. They are real Americans just as well,” he continued.

The other panelists’ views were similar to Touré’s, noting that members of Hollywood have commented on politics for decades and that becoming upset over each comment was unnecessary.

Touré was not done with his defense.

“Meryl Streep in this situation is an American, not speaking to the room but speaking to television cameras, and saying, ‘Here’s how I feel about things,'” he argued.

However, Touré had a strong criticism for Trump: “Trump is, of course, the president-elect. He should not be attacking specific Americans and dissing them as if this is some playground.”

“She has a right to speak, and he should listen,” he argued. Touré said that she was just stating her opinion for those willing to listen and said that her speech didn’t make anyone change their vote.

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He also took to Twitter to react to the exchange between Trump and Streep:

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