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According to ABC7, a 12-year-old Harlem boy allegedly held his classmate at gunpoint earlier this week, demanding she share one of her McDonald’s chicken McNuggets with him.

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Police said it was the boy’s second attempt to secure a chicken nugget from the girl, having noticed her purchasing the nuggets at a Lexington Avenue and East 103rd Street McDonald’s. That’s where he initially asked her to share, but she refused. He then followed her into the 103rd Street No. 6 train station, pulled the gun on her, and told her to fork over a McNugget.

The girl, however, was determined to prevent him from getting his hands on her nuggets, smacking the gun away from her head and telling him to leave her alone. She then boarded the train unharmed, all nuggets still in tow.

While on the train, she said she saw the boy showing his gun to another student and reported the incident to school officials the next day. Consequently, police took the boy into custody and arrested him as a juvenile for attempted robbery. However, police still have yet to locate the gun.

The New York Post reported that the girl’s classmates admired her for her courage, with 14-year-old Jaden saying, “She’s brave to do that. If the gun is not on safety, you don’t know if he’ll pull the trigger by accident. It’s brave but not the wisest move to do.”

Jaden later added, “If you can afford a gun, you can afford a chicken McNugget.”

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