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Rapper Wale and Tomi Lahren got into a little Twitter rap beef on Tuesday after Wale mentioned TheBlaze personality in a diss track called “Smile.”

Wale mispronounced her first name on the track and she told him as much on Twitter:

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Instead of saying, “I apologize, I don’t recollect your name,” Wale said:

Bystanders joined in, trying to figure out why Tatiana was upset:

Tangela tried to clapback a day later…

…and everyone gave Tara points for not giving up.

Well, not everyone.

To be fair, she might have had some steam had Wale not already addressed that pronunciation of his name in 2009.

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Ron Swanson would be clapping either way, as he knows that you ain’t gotta say too much for a good insult:

(H/T The Wrap)

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