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In his reaction to President Obama’s farewell speech, Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered if the president changed at all over the past eight years.

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“What he said tonight is pretty much an approximation of what he might have said in 2009 or 2010 or any of the intervening years,” Carlson said. “There wasn’t really a sense that a lot has changed during that time. Whereas, I think outside of the White House there’s a sense that everything is different and everybody’s reassessing their previous beliefs. Did you get that feeling from his speech tonight that he has reassessed?”

Guest Brett Baier responded with, “I think he has reassessed in a sense, saying that there are people who are hurting, there are people who were left behind, acknowledging that they didn’t go far enough to get things done.”

Carlson then wondered what the future holds for our country and for the Democratic Party, citing the fact that Obama called on people to organize themselves in order to enact change, while also hinting that he isn’t leaving the public eye after his presidency.

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“Nothing grows in the shade, and whenever you have a figure as large in a party as he was in his, it’s pretty hard to raise up the next generation of leaders because they of course remain in his shadow,” Carlson said. “Is that going to be a problem for Democrats going forward if he doesn’t retreat into solitude and silence?”

“He will have a big role no matter what happens in the future of the Democratic Party—whether it’s an endorsement, whether it is guidance—this speech was a blueprint forward,” Baier said. “But it also was a call to unity, a call to come together. And while he did take some veiled swipes at President-elect Trump and policies that he embraced, he also said ‘this is a smooth transition.’ That will happen; he pledged to do it just like George W. Bush did for him.”

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