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Crew members of the reptile rescue facility Gator Country had their work cut out for them when they captured a nearly 900-pound alligator in Beaumont, Texas.

According to Dallas News, Gary Saurage, co-owner of the facility, said he got a call from Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge to assist in capturing the beast.

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“We were aware of the problem but did not feel the need to do anything about it until it became a little too ‘friendly,'” manager Stuart Marcus told Dallas News. “We were receiving comments and video of alligators approaching the shoreline when people walked up to crab, fish, or take photos. While the animal had not aggressively attacked anyone yet, it was considered a little too close for comfort.”

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According to Dallas News, this is believed to be the biggest gator ever captured alive in Texas. It measured a whopping 13 feet, 8 inches.

Officials created a contest to name the gator.

See ya later, alligator!

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