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Donald Trump’s first press conference since the summer was one of the more unusual spectacles that we’ve seen in the wake of perhaps the most unusual election in American history. Typically, press conferences with presidents can be tense but they hardly ever reach, the intensity of Trump’s first meeting. Obama has adapted a sort of laid-back rapport with reporters, but the president-elect’s first appearance in front of the press stunned the nation as he got involved in a shouting match with Jim Acosta, who is CNN’s senior White House correspondent.

The Trump/Acosta feud dates back a few months to the summer, when Acosta asked the president-elect if he has a “responsibility to keep peace at his rallies.” Later in that same press conference, Acosta asked Trump about the moment in a Republican debate when the president-elect made a phallic reference. Acosta’s question was booed, and Trump dismissed notion that the statement was unpresidential.

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Trump’s feud with CNN references the dossier that the news agency reported on. Acosta tweeted that he intended to ask about the Russian hacking situation before the president-elect yelled that he will not answer questions from CNN. However, later in the press conference, Trump did take a question from CNN’s Jeremy Diamond.

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