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There are at least three pro-Trump biker groups planning to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump. The largest group is probably Bikers For Trump, which has a few thousand bikers planning to attend. On their Facebook page, founder Chris Cox claims that Trump called him personally to say that he’s “instructing his staff to give [the group] the resources to put on the best rally possible.”

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The other two groups being organized are 2 Million Bikers 2 DC and Let America Hear Us, Roar for Trump. These two are more roughly formed groups than organized clubs like Bikers For Trump. However, the two things that all these groups have in common are that they love Trump and hate each other. According to US News, Ski Bischof (of Let America Hear Us…) said of the other groups, “They each like their names out on front of everything.” Bill Williamson (of 2 Million Bikers 2 DC) wrote in a Facebook post that Chris Cox “doesn’t even own a motorcycle,” which is about the nastiest allegation a hog-lover can make.

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Cox rebuked the claims that he did not own a bike and provided images of motorcycles to those who asked. Per US News, he said that the mission of Bikers For Trump is threefold: opposition to Islamic fundamentalism, support for veterans and new restrictions on immigration. The groups will not be very close during inauguration day but, they’ll need to put their differences aside if they hope to unite against all the anti-Trump protests planned for Jan. 20.

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