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On Sept. 24, 14-year-old Hannah Helmer was at the Sioux County Ranch in western Nebraska with her dad Joel when she nabbed a bull elk from about 200 yards away.

The elk was believed to have broken a Nebraska state record, but it wasn’t until Wednesday, when the elk’s rack was given the required 60 days to dry out, that her momentous haul was made official at the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in Lincoln.

Hannah Helmer
Hannah Helmer

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“The official score was 430 and 6/8ths of an inch,’’ Hannah said. “It’s amazing. I just can’t believe that happened to me.’’

According to the Omaha World Herald, Hannah’s score ranks in the top 20 nationally for a nontypical rack and it will be at the very top of Nebraska’s Big Game Trophy Records book. With the typical record being 390-3/8, Hannah’s record-setting elk surpassed Dana Foster’s score of 409-7/8 set back in 2008.

Joel Helmer, an accomplished hunter himself, couldn’t be prouder of his daughter.

“That’s really impressive,’’ said Helmer, who is an offical scorer for Boone and Crocket. “When you look at the top elk, they’re all from Rocky Mountain states.’’

Following her now famous hunting trip, Hannah has been reached out to and congratulated by a number of people, including Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts.

“He said congratulations and I hope you get the record,’’ Hannah said. “Thank your dad for taking you out.’’

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