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Longtime CBS correspondent Bob Schieffer asks the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “How have we come to this?”

Schieffer sat down with a panel following Sunday night’s debate. He revealed quickly that he was appalled.

“This is supposed to be a campaign for the most powerful office in the land,” he stated. He was critical of the moment that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump threatened to jail Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Trump’s decision to bring various women who have accused former president Bill Clinton of sexual assault to the debate:

I mean this is what they do in banana republics. This is the United States of America. People keep asking me have I ever seen anything like this, and I keep saying “no.” And I just hope to God I don’t see another campaign like this one. America can do better than what we have seen here tonight.

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He called the debate a “disgrace.” He finished his statement, saying that he didn’t see much to be proud of with either candidate.

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