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A. J. Delgado, senior advisor for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign, appeared as a Sunday guest on MSNBC. When asked about Trump’s comments regarding the attractiveness of the women who accused him of sexual assault, she denied that he was referencing their looks.

However, Delgado claimed that if he were speaking of their looks, then the comments would be fair, saying, “If he did, when you have somebody claiming that you sexually assaulted them, you have brought looks into the equation. If somebody said, ‘A.J. was attracted to me and touched me in an inappropriate manner,’ it’s relevant to the discussion whether that person is the type of person that I would normally be attracted to.”

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This is not the first time that someone involved with the Trump campaign had a bit of a tough time understanding the nature of sexual assault. Eric Trump, Trump’s son, said that his sister Ivanka was “a strong, powerful woman” who “wouldn’t allow herself” to endure sexual harassment in the workplace. Fox News host Megyn Kelly and former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson stepped up to address his claim.

Trump has since denied as the accounts of several other women, including reporters and former participants in beauty pageants who have accused him of unwanted groping and other inappropriate behavior. Footage was also uncovered of Trump watching a then 10-year-old go up the escalator after having a conversation with her and saying, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?”

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Another series of audio clips, focusing on various interviews between Trump and radio shock jock Howard Stern, have also been released. The candidate spoke vividly on his sexual activities, including infidelity, as well as his fascination with his daughter Ivanka.

Several Republican politicians have retracted their endorsements, called for Trump to drop out or refused to defend his comments (including his own vice presidential pick) after they resurfaced. The Hill has compiled a thorough list of the Republicans who have pulled their support or asked Trump to step aside.

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