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Known for his excessively celebratory touchdown dances, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been dealt his fair share of fines from the National Football League. The NFL star found himself in a controversy of another sort last Sunday regarding cleats honoring the late and great Muhammad Ali.

League officials reportedly threatened to eject Brown from last Sunday’s game against the New York Jets if he did not change his Ali-inspired cleats.

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This isn’t the first time Brown has tried to honor a sports legend. During the Steelers’ Oct. 2nd matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs, he wore cleats paying tribute to recently deceased golf icon Arnold Palmer and was not threatened with ejection or any fines for doing so.

Brown has already been fined twice this season for twerking in the end zone following touchdowns and was also find for wearing baby blue cleats, since they do not comply with the Steelers’ black and gold color scheme.

(h/t 247 Sports)

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