Tim Allen has a pretty long history as a blue collar comedian. His show “Home Improvement” was one of the most watched sitcoms in America and was nominated for just about every single award available.

While just about every other television personality, even obscure ones like Michael Shannon, have weighed in on the election and Donald Trump’s victory, Tim Allen has stayed silent.

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But Allen recently went on “The Kelly File” to talk about Hollywood’s take on Trump. He said that he didn’t think Gigi Hadid’s impression of the first lady was appropriate, but made it clear that he’s “not a spokesperson for Hollywood.”

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Allen said that he thinks Hollywood might be a bit hypocritical since many celebrities didn’t like Trump “because he was a bully,” yet are now bullying people who agree with Trump.

He also said that Trump is so often taken out of context that there’s no “source material.” For example, Tim stated that many people believe that the Donald is against homosexuals, yet he waved the LGBT flag at the convention.

Hopefully, we get to hear more from the host of “Tool Time” in the near future.

Tim Allen tells Megyn Kelly he doesn’t really understand why Hollywood hates Trump (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)
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