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Another famous animal has reportedly been killed — Pedals the bear.

Pedals was a crippled bear from New Jersey that managed to get around by walking on its hind legs, making up for what seemed to be a missing paw. The bear, which famously walked through residential areas, had become a part of the local flair of the town of Oak Ridge.

Pedals was apparently killed during New Jersey’s recent bow-and-arrow hunt for bears, which has led to the deaths of 487 bears across the state.

Pedals was apparently the subject of a petition and fundraising event that hoped to move him to a bear reserve in New York, but when wildlife specialists observed Pedals, they said they had seen nothing to indicate he was struggling.

Pedals’ death has been reported, but is yet unconfirmed, as he was never tagged and his DNA was never taken, but this has not given the administrators of Pedals’ facebook group any hope.

If the bear found to be killed ends up being Pedals, he can rest with Cecil the Lion and Harambe in the wildlife preserve of the sky.

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