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Tucker Carlson roasted an academic guest Monday night when the latter argued that many Cubans fled Cuba simply to abandon their families.

Carlson, with many of the defenses and eulogies he had seen people make after Fidel Castro’s death last Friday on his mind, asked Canisius College history professor Rene de la Pedraja: why the rose-colored glasses?

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“Why does the left make excuses for a monster like Castro? Why?” Carlson asked.

“Because he’s become a symbol not just in Cuba but throughout the world for people who, believe it or not, are seeking freedom, are seeking opportunities,” de la Pedraja replied.

Carlson went on to ask “why [it is] only people in sinecures like yours, affluent protected people in Western countries where they can speak their minds, who defend this guy?”

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“I’ve never met anybody who fled from Cuba who would defend him,” Carlson added.

“Because the ones who have fled for a number of reasons have [left] for personal reasons. They left their wives behind, they want to start a new life — a new wife, forget about the old family,” de la Pedraja answered. “You don’t hear about that in the media there.”

“So you’re saying that people who fled Castro were abandoning their families?” Carlson asked.

“Some of them wanted to begin a new life there. So it’s not this huge system of political oppression that is very popular among certain sectors there,” the history professor responded.

“That’s a deeply, deeply cruel and unfair thing to say. You should be ashamed,” Carlson said before ending the segment.

Cuban-Americans in Miami, Fla. were pretty clear about their motivations for fleeing Cuba after getting news of Fidel Castro’s death, chanting, “The tyrant is dead.”

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