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An Oklahoma man was allegedly spotted pressure washing dogs at a car wash.

A witness said they called police when the saw the act in the city of Comanche. Police attempted to stop the man but he reportedly didn’t quit, causing police to take him to jail, KFOR reported.

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Patrick Schultz is accused of using an industrial pressure washer to spray two dogs, an officer said. A Chihuahua and a mix breed puppy were caged in Schultz’s truck and are expected to be fine, according to police.

“They’re dangerous, even to cars. You can pull paint off a car with them, so you can darn sure hurt an animal,” Gary Chambers who was at the car wash told KFOR.

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The car wash hung up a sign, telling people that the hot water and high water pressure is “recommended for dirt removal only,” on cars.

Schultz, who has been “bonded out of jail,” told police his dogs needed to be bathed and that since he was from California, he did it.

Apparently, Schultz has been in Oklahoma facing charges, such as aggravated assault, battery and attempted burglary charges since 2014, according to court records.

KFOR went to Schultz’s house to speak with him, but he wasn’t there.

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