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A teacher concerned with the school shootings decided to take action that has nothing to do with grabbing guns.

The Blaze reports, Daniel Nitzel, a teacher at West Middle School in Muscatine, Iowa, came up with his idea after learning about some of the techniques used to keep intruders out of schools.

One such technique was the recommendation that “teachers tie a belt or a cord around their door’s closer arm.” It struck Nitzel that this might not be sufficient enough and so he decided to create a device of his own.

He calls it “The Sleeve,” a 12-gauge carbon steel case that can withstand 550-foot pounds of force. It is designed. like the belts or cords, to be placed on the door’s closer arm.

Nitzel and some of his colleagues then formed the company Fighting Chance Solutions, and after almost a year the Sleeve is now up for sale.

“We look at it as a cheap insurance policy,” Nitzel told WQAD-TV. “If you have someone out in the hallway, and you have an active situation, a dangerous situation unfolding and [don’t] want to go out into the hallway and lock your door, we want to provide you with a way to close that door.”

The Sleeve costs $65 per individual unit.

The official description of the Sleeve on its site says it enables schools and businesses “to lock a door from inside the classroom or office quickly and safely.”

It adds, “They also understand that making any modifications to a door, (which in many cases may be ‘rated’ as a fire barrier), would not only be costly, but may violate state and/or federal fire codes.”

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