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Police in Oviedo, Fla., are looking for a group of people caught on surveillance video stealing chickens from a coop.

One of the stolen chickens belongs to a young girl, whose family said she was devastated to find out her pet was gone.

Luis Falla said his daughter named her pet chicken “Pretty” and tied a bow around its neck. Falla said they raised Pretty and three other chickens since before they hatched.

“She is very heartbroken, and she cries almost every day. She is 7 years old. She doesn’t really understand what is going on,” said Falla.

The chickens were stolen from a coop that is located behind the family’s dog grooming business on East Broadway Street.

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There are several surveillance cameras on the building, but none of them were able to capture the theft of Pretty. But the neighboring convenience store had cameras pointed in that direction and captured the whole thing.

The video shows a pickup truck pulling into view around 1 a.m. on Oct. 4. Seven or eight men or teenagers get out of the truck and go to the coop. One of the “chicken-nappers” is seen carrying Pretty to the truck.

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The family wonders why, with all the wild chickens walking around town, someone would want to steal theirs. There are several wild hens and roosters wandering the streets of Oviedo. Police said people have been capturing them for years, and it’s not illegal to do so, but it is illegal to steal the chickens from a private coop.

“They just came here to take our chickens because there is no running around. There is no jerking around. They just came, parked and went where they needed to get and left,” said Falla.

The family said they only want Pretty returned, no questions asked.

There is a cash reward for anyone who helps turn in the suspects.