PENN HILLS, Pa. — A mother claims she was attacked by her son’s teacher’s aide over a voice mail she received from the woman.

Roberta Carter said she was confronting the preschool teacher’s aide about a voice mail that the woman had accidentally left her in which the woman is heard yelling at Carter’s 4-year-old son and making fun of him.

“She just took her hands and scratched me all the way down to my chest,” said Carter.

In the voice mail, the teacher’s aide can be heard saying, “Shut your mouth now! Put your shoes on!”

Carter said that was only the beginning. She said in a classroom full of students the teacher’s aide started to make fun of her 4-year-old son.

The woman is heard yelling, “He stinks because she don’t bathe him. His hair is dirty. He’s dirty.”

“She felt a need to tell my son he’s dirty, he stinks, his mother doesn’t give him baths, that I don’t want him and nobody else wants him,” said Carter.

Carter admitted that when she got to the school, she was angry.

“When I told her I had a recording and reached to get my phone, she just attacked me,” said Carter.

Police were called to the school because of the fight.

A spokesperson from Allegheny Intermediate Unit, which runs the Head Start program, issued the following statement:

“The AIU is conducting a complete and thorough investigation. After the investigation is complete, we will act accordingly and appropriately. The safety of our students and our families is of the utmost importance to us.”

Penn Hills police are also investigating the case.

AUI officials would not say whether the teacher’s aide would still be working or put on leave during the investigation.

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