A veterinary nurse so desperate for attention that she repeatedly injected her dog with insulin so he would require treatment is believed to be the first person convicted of such a crime.

Georgina Bretman, 28, was said to be an “attention seeker” and charged with causing her cocker spaniel unnecessary suffering, including collapse, convulsion and seizures, The Telegram reported. The damage was so severe that the 2-year-old dog could have ended up in a coma or died.

Bretman brought the dog into the private practice where she worked on several occasions for emergency treatment. Her co-workers became suspicious when the dog continually suffered from the same symptoms.

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It happened so many times, Metro reported, that even when Bretman’s employer gave her the night off, she correctly predicted that within a few hours, the dog would suddenly become ill and Bretman would be back in the emergency room. Her former employer, Lesley Herd, said the dog continually needed emergency treatment after collapsing, twitching and vomiting. Each time, tests showed a low glucose level.

The poor pooch was taken away from Bertman and already has a new home.

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