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A father, mother and their three children died after the SUV the dad was driving went into a lake — deliberately, police say.

27-year-old Glenn Baxter drove the vehicle into the Tempe Town Lake in Arizona Sunday on purpose, police say, because he was unhappy about his separation and imminent divorce from his wife Danica Baxter, 25.

Also in the vehicle, were the Baxters’ three children, Zariyah, Nazyiah and Reighn, ages 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

New York Daily News/Screenshot
New York Daily News/Screenshot

The Associated Press reported Sunday that the Nazyiah was initially hospitalized in critical condition but was was pronounced dead later in the day.

The accident occurred around midnight Sunday.

“Officers got on scene pretty quick,” Tempe police spokesman Lt. Mike Pooley said of the tragedy Monday night. “When they got on scene, three jumped into the water immediately. One of the fishermen also jumped into the water.”

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking,” he added. “Baxter took deliberate action driving into that lake. It is obvious he did that.”

The police believe this was a murder-suicide because of surveillance video they are reviewing.

That video shows Glenn Baxter getting out of the vehicle for a moment to inspect the barriers on the edge of the lake, a barrier he would smash into moments later, killing all passengers.

The parents and the two younger children were taken to the hospital, where they were all pronounced dead. Detectives quickly realized the oldest child, Reighn, was still missing.

He was found the next morning at 10 a.m. strapped into his car seat in the upside down SUV.

Reighn was wearing his pajamas.

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